5 Signs to Know your Unborn is in Danger

Motherhood is the ultimate pleasure in a woman’s life but this includes a lot of complications and glitches. Having a safe and secured 9 months is quite tough. But there are few signs and symbols to know if your unborn kid is perfectly alright inside you.

Cramps: If you are getting sudden cramps that are unusual in nature like it is unbearable and too long then you must call a doctor as soon as possible. Smaller cramps are accepted as the body undergoes a lot of changes but that too in second or third trimester.

Back pain: Almost every pregnant woman faces back pain during their pregnancy because of the fact that the weight of the body increases. Moreover, the center of gravity also shifts during this time. Long lasting back pains can indicate bladder or kidney problems. Urine infection during this time is worst possible disease.

Unfamiliar discharge: Discharge is usual during pregnancy but normal discharge has no odour or colour. If blood is noticed then baby is in danger. If you feel the pain too much then it is possible that the cervix has opened quite earlier. Meet the doctor straight away.

Lack of movement: Almost after 20 weeks of your pregnancy, your baby is supposed to kick after every two hours. If it is not kicking much then you should go and visit the doctor.

Heartbeat: You are supposed to hear the heartbeat of your baby just after 10th week of your pregnancy. The heart begins beating from the fifth week. If you cannot feel the heartbeats then consult your gynecologist very soon.

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