5 Most Possible Reasons of Male Infertility

We are still in a society where men realize their inability to impregnate a woman much later than usual. Women are actually blamed and treated first for not coming up with the next gen. But the best part is men today are taking it in a much broader way and after knowing the problem, they are getting into proper treatments. But as we all know that prevention is better than cure, and so we just need to have proper awareness regarding this.

Medication: There are some medicines; if they are taken on regular basis can have negative impact on the sperm quality. If someone is suffering from Gonorrhea, HIV or other related sexually transmitted diseases then medication is must. These medicines at times come up with adverse effects.

Defect in Chromosome: If we talk about male infertility then we cannot ignore the genetic issues like Kartagener’s syndrome, cystic fibrosis, klinefelter’s syndrome or kallmann’s syndrome. Identification of these is must. These hitches require instantaneous handlings.

Gadget overuse: Men today have a general leaning towards over use of the electronic gadgets like mobile phones, computers etc. This is one of the prime whys and wherefores of sperm reduction. One should avoid working on laptops and computers for a longer period of time. If the temperature of the scrotum increases then it is quite evident that the sperm count will deteriorate.

Stress factor: Running after money is not approaching with convincing outcomes finally. Lack of rest is ending up with lots of complications among men too. Stress for a longer span of time can certainly cause hormonal disparity and can finally lead to infertility.

Obesity: Men with obesity face more problems than the people who are fit and healthy physically. Regular exercise is must; even if it is free hand exercise. Hormonal discrepancies for the people with obesity can increase the risk factor of infertility to a greater extent.

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