5 Dating strategies to impress your partner

Are you planning a date tonight? You can always go for a long night walk or candle light dinner or rooftop gossip. No issues with that but there are few things that should be maintained while dating someone. Do you know what are they? Hold your breath; we are making a list of top 5 essential things to avoid while dating your love.

Playing games: We all know you are deeply addicted to your gadget but your partner might want to spend some quality time with you. At least few hours of undivided attention can be craved. Don’t play any mobile games or video games when your love is right beside you asking for some responsiveness.

Being too sassy:  If you are not feeling that high spirited then don’t try to show that. If something is not coming out of your mind and heart naturally, then it is of no use. This hardly gives apt impression to your partner.

Not Eating: Yes, it is possible that you are on a diet or just eat less. But make sure that you inform your partner about that beforehand, so that it doesn’t become a matter of embarrassment. Show your choices, there is absolutely no harm in it.

Making jealous: You think this is healthy? NO. If you want to make them jealous talking about your other girlfriends or boyfriends, that are not acceptable. If you are dating someone, other people should not intervene into that. That particular dating time should be personally yours.

Damsel in distress: Emergency can arise at any point of time and it is possible that your partner needs your suggestion. Don’t act as if you are in distress and knows nothing. Act logically, that is even hotter in many cases.

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