4 fruits to avoid during pregnancy

Cravings are the most vital aspect of women during pregnancy. This is the time when women stay very sensitive and they put forward weird wishes about their food habits. Fruits are quite healthy to keep yourself satisfied and in the pink during that time. But they should also know that certain fruits need to be avoided during this time.

Black grapes: If you are undergoing the phase of pregnancy, then avoid eating black grapes. It generates some sorts of heat into the mother’s body that can be unsafe for the baby.

Papaya: Papaya is another fruit that should be kept away during pregnancy because it contains latex in it which can lead to uterine shrinkage.

Sprouts: If you are consuming cooked sprouts during pregnancy, then it is perfectly A-OK. But never try eating raw sprouts that includes snowpea sprout, mung bean, clover, sunflower etc.

Pineapple: Most of us love pineapple but during pregnancy pineapple needs to be sidestepped. Pineapple is rich in bromelain and finally this leads to early labour softening the cervix.

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