21-Year-Old Nandini Saved Her Brother’s Life As A Rakhi Gift By Donating Her Liver

Raksha Bandhan is not restricted to tying Rakhi. Rather, this rakhi empowers both men and women to stand by each other in difficult situations. 

During Raksha Bandhan, a brother makes promises to his sister. But in reality, a sister saved her brother. An incident occurred in the Pune area of Maharashtra. A 21-year-old brought her 17-year-old brother back from death by donating her liver.


Santosh Patel, a resident of Pune, works as a security guard for a private company. His wife works as a housekeeper. They have two children. The elder daughter, Nandini, is now in college, and their son, Rahul, is a 10th-grade student. The Patel couple was struggling to make themselves self-reliant by teaching their children with difficulty. Just then, the family faced a big challenge. Rahul kept getting sick.

Rahul started treatment at a hospital in Navi Mumbai, and he was admitted there. He is suffering from autoimmune liver cirrhosis. For this, he needs an urgent liver transplant. Autoimmune liver cirrhosis can usually be treated with medication alone if caught in the early stages. But in the case of Rahul, the diagnosis was delayed, according to the doctors.

Rahul's mother's health was checked first, but due to some physical problems, she was not capable of donating her organ. After that, Rahul's 21-year-old sister, Nandini, came forward. Doctors also identified her as 'fit'.

On the other side, the family couldn't handle the medical expenses; it was not a small matter. But the hospital authorities and some voluntary organisations came forward to help the Patel family.

On June 26, Rahul's operation went successfully. Her sister saved him from dying.

Nandini said, 'My brother is the world to me. I am happy to give him the most precious gift on Rakhi Purnima this year." 

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