18 feet of Faith and Belief

Kolkata’s Kidderpore Dock is one of the oldest port of the country which was constructed by the British East India Company and is still running. But this article is not about the Kidderpore Dock but an unusual temple in that region. The temple is known as the Bhukailash Shiva Temple. On the way to the Kidderpore Dock lies this temple. it is situated in the premises of the Bhukailash Rajbari and the temple is over 300-years-old.

But what is so different about that temple you may think?

The temple has a Shivalinga of 18 feet made of Asthdhatu. Zamindar Joynarayan Ghoshal was the man behind this exquisite temple. it is one of a kind in the country. The Shivalinga is made out of a single stone. There is a lake inside the Rajbari premise and there are two Shiva temples on either side of the lake.


The Shiva temple on the east of the lake is called Rakta-Kamaleshwar and one at the west is called Krishnachandreshwar. The Krishnachandreshwar temple houses the 18 feet tall Shivalinga. Like other Shiva temples, this temple is also thronged with people from different parts of the state especially on “Shivaratri”. Not many people know of this temple like many other places that hide away deep inside the heart of this city where they are at home.

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