14-year old girl with 10 needles in her throat

A 14-year old girl with 10 needles in her throat was received a new life thanks to the doctors of Nil Ratan Sircar Medical College & Hospital (NRS). A team of proficient doctors carried out the surgery after the girl was admitted to the hospital by her parents. The class VIII student of Krishnanagar Akshay Vidyapith, Aparupa Biswas, complained of unanticipated pain having swallowed 10 needles under mysterious circumstances.

The surgeons and specialists are still not sure of how and why she swallowed 10 needles. The involvement of black magic or depression have not been ruled out. According to a family member, she is an introvert and prefers to stay indoors, more so after the sudden demise of her brother. Initially, a local doctor was consulted. However, she was rushed to the NRS having fainted from the unbearable pain. All 10 of the needles were detected after a simple X-ray test.

The doctors have confirmed that all the needles have been successfully removed from her throat and as of now she is well and fine and recovering pretty fast

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