1060 state water pumps to be replaced for better efficiency

Looking at the water scarcity in some areas of south India, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee led a march on July 12 to raise awareness among people regarding conservation of water.

Taking that initiative ahead, it has been decided that 1060 water pumps of 39 municipal bodies of the state including Kolkata Municipal Corporation, will be replaced. 

With time, as the pumping capacity of the machines have lowered, consumption of electricity has also shot up owing to inefficiency which has led to several environmental issues as well. The new pumps would be more efficient and will bring down power consumption. Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a Central organisation, has been handed over the responsibility of installation of the new pumps.

Many pockets of the city too face a severe water crisis especially during the summer season when the underground water level falls. In an engineering survey which was recently carried out it was found that owing to the normal wear and tear of the pumps volume of water pumped has come down. Following the report of the survey urban development department of the state government undertook Municipal Energy Efficiency Programme (MEEP). An estimated amount of Rs 86 crore will be spent on the replacement of pumps.

According to the agreement entered by the officials of Municipal affairs and EESL, the organisation will take care of the maintenance of the pumps for the next seven years. In the seven years after installation of new pumps, an estimated Rs 153.65 crore will be saved on electricity bills of which EESL will be given Rs 86 crore for the installation and maintenance leaving an effective saving of Rs 67 crore for the state.

It has been decided that in the first phase pumps of 39 municipal areas will be replaced and in the next will follow 55 more. All municipalities which have more than one lakh will be brought under this project.

State urban development minister Firhad Hakim said that the decision had been taken looking at the future so that quality services, long lasting civic amenities could be provided to people.

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