Ghosts That Will Give You The Chills

‘Ssshhh…. Koi Hai’, ‘Aahat’, these names used to run the chills down your spines I am sure! Because these shows gave me goosebumps. Ghosts are a decisive part of the Indian folklore or myths including Bengal. People of different ethnicities have different names for ghosts. So, would you like to know the different names of different ghosts? Then take your safety blankets with you because things are going to get scary and spooky.

1.Chudhail- their true forms are extremely ugly and hideous. They are also known to have the power of shape-shifting.


2.Shakchunni: this the Bengali version of ‘Chudhail’ who happens to live in ‘Sheora’ tree or the streblus asper tree. They are basically unmarried women who died with unsatisfied desires. And if humans roam around the tree at night then he/she can be possessed by this malicious spirit.


3.Pishacha: these are flesh-eating demons believed to be created by Brahma. They have a dark complexion and protruding veins.

pishacha (1)

4.Preta: according to the myth the corrupted, greedy jealous and deceitful humans become ‘Preta’ after they die. They have mummified skin, swollen bellies, narrow limbs and thin long necks.


5.Yakshini: they are the female counterpart of Yaksha from the Hindu mythology. They know Tantraraja Mantra and are usually compassionate but if infuriated, they can turn evil.


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