Mithun-Dev starrer 'Projapoti' crosses 50 days!

Mithun-Dev starrer 'Projapoti' directed by Abhijit Sen has crossed 50 successful days on theatres even after all the controversies that surrounded the film initially. The film had released across the country on December 30th last year and had sparked a lot of controversies initially related to political conflicts of the two parties in which the two main characters of the film are a part of. But it got through its bad days and left a lasting impression on the minds of the audience. The box office collection of Projapoti' stands at around INR 10.27 crores.

Projapoti is a family-based film and the poster of the film featured both the actors Mithun Chakraborty and Dev. Actress and dancer Mamata Shankar was seen opposite Mithun Chakraborty after almost 47 years which gave a hint that the audience will get a chance to see many surprising twists and turns in this film. In addition to Dev, Mithun Chakraborty, Mamata Shankar and Shweta; Vishwanath Bose and Kaninika have played important roles in the film as well. Anupam Roy, Surjit Chatterjee and Rathjith have made the film's attractive music tracks. The screenplay and dialogues of the film are written by Subhodeep Das. The film is produced jointly by Bengal Talkies, Dev Entertainment Ventures and Pranab Kumar Guhar.

A special celebration was organized at Navina Cinema Hall recently to celebrate the 50 days of the film where Dev, Mamatashankar, director Abhijit Sen and the crew of the film were present. Talking about the success of 'Projapoti', Dev said; not controversy, but the hard work of everyone involved is the reason behind the success of the film.

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