Shubhankar Sanyal returns after 38 long years!

The character of Shubhankar Sanyal is returning to the screen after 38 long years and this time in the role of a lawyer. Shubhankar Sanyal of the film 'Shatru' is still a popular name and Ranjit Mallick is still praised for his excellent character portrayal. This time Subhankar Sanyal is returning on the film 'Aparajeyo' where Ranjith Mallick will be seen in the iconic role. It is after a long time that Mallick is back on the big screen. The trailer and poster of 'Aparajeyo' have been released recently in presence of director Nehal Dutta and the actors of the film. The central character of the film Shubhankar Sanyal is a very honest and idealistic man. But towards the end of his career, he faced an incident which changed his life. One of Shubhankar's clients was forced to withdraw the case due to lack of money and seeing this, Shubhankar decided to retire. But after hearing another incident of injustice, he decided to get back to his work and that is how the plot of the film proceeds. 

Director Nehal Dutt said, “There was a protest in the film Shatru. But at that time the degradation was less. Now it has increased. So now there is more need to make such pictures. So again Subhankar Sanyal has been brought back. This film will tell the story of today's society. The experience of working with Ranjit Mallick is truly amazing. The audience will love the film".

Apart from Ranjit Mallick, actors like Sabitri Chatterjee, Labani Sarkar, Sumit Gangopadhyay, Mrinal Mukhopadhyay, Falguni Chattopadhyay, Sayan Bandopadhyay, Orin, Gopal Talukdar will be seen in important roles in the film. The film will be released under the joint production of Mojotale Entertainment and Divya Films.

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