Say ‘YES’ to paper this Paper Day

“Save a tree, save a life”- this is a famous slogan on save trees. Despite the heavy rain, Kolkata proudly celebrated the ‘Paper Day’ on 1st August.

The citizens of Kolkata, despite the harsh weather, gathered to show their support for a noble cause. Members of the West Bengal Paper Traders Association attended an event which was held right in front of Victoria Memorial around 6 a.m. WBPTA organized a programme marking ‘Paper Day’ and the association wants to promote the recycling of paper instead of chopping down more trees because it is disposable, dependable and sustainable. According to WBTA, the best way to save paper is to reuse them.

The disturbing fact is, 6 percent of a tree is taken up to produce one ream( 500 sheets) of paper. Paper is made from freshly cut trees. Approximately 35% of Indian paper production depends on waste paper for raw material. We are in dire need of more initiatives such as this.


WBTA’s slogan was, ‘Recycle paper and save future’. In recent times, humans have been using natural resources at random. If things continue like this, we will surely run out.

 “Say Yes to paper, it is requested to all principals, teachers, publishers, consumers and paper users. Recycle them. Waste not, want not,” said one of the associates talking to Jiyo Bangla.

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