Designer Neelay Sengupta Gave Tips On Choosing The Perfect Punjabi Style

Men dressing in ethnic attire brings a touch of cultural richness, fostering a sense of pride and diversity. It goes beyond fashion, becoming a simple yet impactful way to celebrate heritage and break away from conventional styles, promoting inclusivity and a broader understanding of different cultures. How do you choose the perfect Punjabi by understanding skin color? What is the latest trend in this dress? How do you deal with dressing in dhoti-punjabi? How will the dress code be?

The famous designer Neelay Sengupta provided solutions on how to handle ethnic fashion in men and offered tips on looking fashionable in ethnic wear.

Celebrated designer and versatile artist Neelay Sengupta shares invaluable insights on the art of perfecting Punjabi attire, emphasizing the significance of self-presentation in the realm of fashion. Whether opting for traditional Benarasi or simple, elegant Punjabi outfits, the key lies in how one carries oneself.

For those of shorter stature, choosing colors with minimal top-to-bottom contrast is advised, steering clear of overly contrasting tones. The harmony between the Punjabi suit and bottom wear, be it pants or traditional dhotis, contributes to a visually appealing look.

Weight considerations prompt a nuanced approach to color selection, challenging the conventional preference for dark hues. While deep colors may be attractive, Sengupta suggests that well-executed styling allows for experimentation with any shade, even for those with fuller faces.

Online shopping lacks the luxury of trying before buying, but Sengupta provides a handy tip for selecting the perfect Punjabi attire based on chest size. Opting for loose fittings, with a minimum of 4 inches extra for a regular fit and 6 inches for those favoring a looser fit, ensures a comfortable and stylish look.

Neelay Sengupta, a designer and accomplished choreographer, draws inspiration from the world of dance and his mentor, renowned dancer Sharmila Biswas. With a rich background in West Bengal's Khadi and Village Industries Board, Sengupta's expertise spans diverse realms, including embroidery, Kantha stitching, and Zardozi work for both men and women.

His bridal collection boasts a fusion of traditional crafts like Zardozi, Kantha, and Jamdani. From dhotis and Punjabis to sarees and shawls, Sengupta's creations blend tradition with contemporary flair. While he appreciates the allure of experimenting with looks, he firmly believes in staying rooted in cultural heritage.

In the dynamic world of fashion, Neelay Sengupta's designs resonate with those who seek a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, making a mark not just in style but also in preserving and promoting cultural heritage.

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