Mutual Fund is your way forward

Jiyo Bangla's Host RJ Rakesh was in conversation with Amit Rathi, your preferred wealth planner on India's first Digital Investment Programme, Business Buzz.

In this episode, we understood that with mutual funds, you get the advantage of diversification from the very beginning, as your fund gets invested in a variety of stocks. Sudden changes in one stock can be balanced out by the performance of other stocks in the fund. It’s a great way to get ahead in the equity market, with lesser risks.

In India, making investments has always been considered potential source for greater returns. You can claim tax benefits with respect to interest payment as well as principal repayment, under Section 24 and 80C of the Income Tax Act.

If you are a layman with no idea of shares and stocks, you need professional help and expertise. All you have to do is invest in a mutual fund scheme. A mutual fund basically collects money from investors and buys and sells stocks collectively.

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