Klikk comes up with new thriller series ‘Encrypted'

Based on a thriller story, OTT platform Klikk has come up with a new web series ‘Encrypted'. The series is directed by Souptik Chakraborty. Actress Payel Sarkar will be playing the lead role in the series who will unravel the mystery of her sister's death. Unravelling the mystery will not be a child’s play as she will have to face various consequences.

Recently, the logo of the series was launched by OTT platform Klikk and director Souptik Chakraborty, producer Ranita Das and the rest of the crew were present during the event. Apart from Payel, the series also features Aishwarya Sen, Richa Sharma, Rana Basu Tagore, Amitabh Acharya, Arpita Das, Rana Mukherjee, Suryendra Bagchi, Indranil Dey, Sanu Somnath and Ranita Das. The story of the series has been written by the director Souptik Chakraborty himself. The music was composed by Amral Chakraborty and the series is produced by Ranita Das.

Keep an eye on the OTT platform Klikk to figure out what happens towards the end of unravelling the mystery. 


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