Jiyo Bangla interacts with Dolly Sen

Her career started with journalism but she ended up being an actress. Revered as Dolly Sen in the television industry, her actual name is Sanghasri Sinha Mitra. For the last seven-eight years she has been working tirelessly in both the small and big screens respectively. Jiyo Bangla interacts with Sanghasri Sinha Mitra and gets an insight of her acting journey and future plans!

Q: How have you been? (But you have to repeat in Dolly Sen’s accent!)

A: “Mein toh achhii hunn jiji, aap kaise hein!?”

Q: You have worked both in front of the camera and behind it. Which one do you like more?

A: It felt good working behind the camera. On the other hand, when I had started acting I had no formal idea about it. But I’ve learnt a lot working in the industry, and I’m still learning. But I guess I have always wanted to be an actor.

Q: You current hairstyle is amazing! What compliments are you receiving after changing your look?

A: I love this hairstyle. I have suffered from Covid thrice so I’ve faced a lot of hair-fall. Also, my hair growth wasn’t that good from my childhood itself. I have to call my hair stylist now to set my hair before going anywhere. So my hairstylist has worked on this hairstyle. My mother has loved this hairstyle and not only my friends but my enemies too have complimented me.

Q: You have spent your childhood at Malda. Were you the same back then?

A: I was always like this, a bit tomboyish from childhood!

Q: Malda reminds us of mango. How much do you love to eat mangoes?

A: I love eating mangoes a lot. Since childhood I have this habit of eating rotis with milk and I still have it. And in the morning I prefer cornflakes or puffed rice with milk and mangoes.

Q: Do you remember instances of your mischievousness from your childhood?

A: I was so mischievous that I don’t actually remember separate instances.

Q: Did you ever get beaten up for that mischievousness?

A: A lot!

Q: Are you an outsider to the industry?

A: I don’t have any family connections related to the industry and they haven’t ever appeared in front of a camera.  

Q: Have you ever faced body shaming?

A: No matter what people say, the beauty standards of people are confined to fair and skinny girls. Marriage, beauty contest everywhere we have to face this.

Q: What are the three unpleasant statements that you shouldn’t ever mention to somebody? What are those three statements?

A:  - Why do you need to show so much of your emotions? -Body shaming. –There are a lot of people who dislike over-sized girls and believe that they are of no good.

Q:  Do you love eating?

A: I love eating!

Q: How have you changed after marriage?

A: I’m very lucky that I have married a person who never wanted me to change. I have only become more responsible than before. I used to speak out of line at times earlier, I don’t do that anymore.

Q: What are the three favourite roles that you have played?

A: -The character that I played in ‘Le Chakka’, the one that I played in ‘Shantilal o Projapotir Rohossho’ and the character portrayal of Dolly Sen.

Q:  You have worked both in films and television serials. Which one do you like more?

A: I love working in films more. But television helps in boosting your fame. 

Q: What’s the best complement that you have received for your acting?

A: I receive a lot of complements. But there was this one time when a family came to meet me, a father, mother and their son. The son was sick but still he came to meet me. I was really happy that day. 

Q: A portion of the younger generation is not fond of watching serials. What would you say about that?

A: We prefer spending time at cafes now. But for our earlier generations, they did not have much source of entertainment other than television. I believe that is a reason. 

Q: How much did you enjoy taking part in this interaction?

A: I loved this interactive session. Just that while coming here I was stuck in traffic and I hated that! 

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