Investment Planning for Women

The only thing we need to understand first is that if you say away from investing, your wealth creation won’t even start to take its shape. They say women are expert at saving money and now that we are earning and spending equally like men. It’s time we think about investing too!

But why is an investment so important for women? We have to understand that saving money is not going to lead us to riches and it’s kind of a fact that the moment we get our hands on our salary, we would love to go running to the mall and shop! Before you say that investing is only for people who have a lot of spare cash, you should know that you can invest even 500 rupees every month if you want.

In this episode of Business Buzz, India’s first Digital Investment Programme with Amit Rathi- your preferred wealth planner and our host RJ Rakesh , we learned that you can invest in gold or bonds even enter the share market but the first thing you need to do is set your goals and get yourself a planner who understands your needs. You may be in a different stage of life compared to another girl but investing will always have your back. Be it for your future studies, your wedding or for your child and most importantly your retirement. Women do live longer and its time we plan it smartly!

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