Designer Ankita Gupta Gave Tips On How To Drape A Saree Over A Lehenga

How do you drape a saree over a lehenga? What type of saree works best with this style? Is it necessary to have a can-can under the lehenga for draping the saree? Designer Ankita Gupta shares some tips. 

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, a new trend is making waves: the fusion of saree and lehenga. Designer Ankita Gupta reveals that while it's customary to pair a dupatta with a lehenga, the latest trend is to drape a saree over a lehenga, creating a unique style statement.

This innovative trend allows for various draping styles, offering versatility in looks. Whether it's silk, crepe, or any other fabric, sarees of all kinds can be elegantly paired with lehengas. However, silk and Banarasi sarees are particularly recommended for their luxurious appeal.

Moreover, the choice of dupatta can further enhance the ensemble. While a contrasting dupatta adds a pop of colour, opting for a Kanjeevaram dupatta or even going without one can also elevate the look.

For those aiming for a more contemporary look, the use of a cape instead of a dupatta is suggested. Soft, flowy capes effortlessly complement the saree-lehenga fusion style. Draping the saree over the lehenga and then pleating it neatly adds to the sophistication of the attire.

Side draping is currently a popular choice, adding an element of flair to the ensemble. Additionally, experimenting with different colour palettes and combinations allows for endless possibilities. Contrasting colours, in particular, create a striking effect.

In conclusion, the saree-lehenga fusion trend offers a fresh perspective on traditional attire, allowing individuals to express their style in innovative ways. Whether it's for a wedding, party, or any festive occasion, this trend is sure to turn heads and make a statement.

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