Actress Suvasree Roy Explained How To Stay Fit In A Busy Life And Gave Tips To Follow

What should be the daily routine to stay fit in a busy life? What should the diet plan be? How can one balance work and rest?

Actress Suvasree Roy shared her fitness routine. She also explained how to stay fit and healthy, including the diet to follow and the daily workout exercises.

Maintaining a healthy routine is crucial for our well-being, as emphasized by Suvasree Roy. Adhering to health-conscious habits, even when challenging, becomes essential. The foundation of a healthy life lies in following disciplined routines, starting with dietary choices and quality sleep.

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted a shift in everyone's routines, leading to an entirely different lifestyle. Balancing work, household chores, and self-care became a nightly struggle, transforming the once relaxed life into a hustle. It took at least six months to break free from this cycle and establish a new routine.

Initiate your journey towards a healthier life by embracing detox water. Sip on infused water with tulsi leaves, ginger, and cumin seeds throughout the day. This concoction not only hydrates but also promotes detoxification. Suitable for all ages, detox water offers a refreshing and side-effect-free option.

For those who are conscious of their weight, chia seeds can be particularly beneficial. Consuming it on an empty stomach in the morning, skipping breakfast, can be replaced with a direct lunch, ensuring a proper and timely meal intake. Evening meals often get delayed, but prioritising a light dinner over late-night snacking contributes positively.

Some opt for green tea in the morning, but choosing black coffee or lukewarm water with lemon for breakfast offers a satisfying alternative. Incorporating egg whites into breakfast adds a nutritious touch. Suvasree Roy advises that a morning routine filled with positivity, such as a cup of black coffee or lukewarm water with lemon, sets the tone for a productive day.

In conclusion, adopting a health-focused routine involves a blend of hydration, mindful eating, and timely meals. Suvasree Roy's insights serve as a guide for transforming habits and ensuring a journey towards a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

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