How Do You Get A Glossy Makeup Look During This Wedding Season?

Wedding season is approaching, and the current trend is glossy makeup. How can one achieve glossy bridal makeup? What steps should be taken to prepare the skin in advance for the best look on the special day? Additionally, what should be included in the daily diet to attain glowing skin?

Rashida Sultana, a professional makeup artist, shared details on how to achieve a perfect bridal makeup look, including tips on glowing makeup and more.

Rashida Sultana reveals that the journey of wedding preparations begins long before the main ceremony, with bookings for parlours and salons for bridal packages starting six to three months in advance. A meticulous monthly routine is crafted, including a crucial monthly facial along with daily skin preparations like city item cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. A well-nourished skin enhances the makeup's effectiveness, emphasising the importance of regular skincare regardless of the bridal occasion.

Beyond the wedding buzz, skincare routines have become essential for overall skin health. Embracing routines with green salads, vegetables, and fruits contributes to radiant skin, while avoiding oily and spicy foods prevents skin issues such as acne and irritation. The emphasis on skin preparation becomes pivotal, as neglecting it can overshadow even the most glamorous makeup attempts with an undesired cakey appearance.

The trend of glossy makeup has gained popularity, endorsed by celebrities like Kiara Ali Advani and Alia Bhatt. This makeup style not only enhances a soft luminosity but also offers a subtle glow to the skin, making it ideal for wedding festivities. Achieving a natural radiance on the face, the glossy makeup trend has become a go-to choice for many, creating a soft and dewy finish.

Incorporating the essence of this trend, glossy makeup is now seen as an ideal choice for wedding ceremonies. From Kiara to Alia, celebrities are embracing this trend, transforming their faces into a canvas of soft luminosity. As the wedding season approaches, this makeup trend is set to redefine the traditional bridal look, adding a touch of modern elegance to the timeless celebration.

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