Makeup Artist Ripika Das Gave Tips On How To Apply Perfect Foundation And Choose Perfect Shade For Your Skin

How do you choose the perfect shade of foundation for your skin? What are the rules for using a foundation? How should you prepare your skin before applying foundation? Makeup professional and makeup artist Ripika Das shares tips.

Before using foundation during the hot weather, it's crucial to pay attention to certain aspects. Makeup artist Ripika Das emphasises that skincare is the most important consideration before applying foundation. Proper skincare ensures long-lasting and flawless makeup.

In intense heat, sun protection becomes paramount. Therefore, sunscreen is essential to prevent skin damage. After applying sunscreen, it's advisable to use a toning moisturizer followed by a primer before applying foundation. Then, compact should be applied, which is a vital component of the makeup routine. A proper makeup set is achieved through the use of the right compact. Setting spray should be applied in the evening to ensure the makeup lasts throughout the night. Before that, a touch-up with Compact is recommended.

With these steps, makeup remains intact throughout the night. Using a double-shaded foundation instead of a single-shaded one ensures the perfect skin tone match. Consistency across the face, neck, and hands is crucial for a natural look. Blending with a blender instead of hands yields better results. The blender should be lightly dampened for both light and heavy makeup applications.

A flawless makeup look is achievable when the foundation base is perfect. Therefore, attention to skincare and the application process is key to achieving a perfect makeup finish.

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