How Does Learning Disability Affect Children? Senior pediatric Kazi Arafat Basir Explained In Detail

Is learning disability a congenital disease? How does this disease affect children? What signs will help you understand this problem? How is it treated? Senior pediatric and Neuro Developmental therapist Kazi Arafat Basir explained everything in detail. 

According to therapist Kazi Arafat Basir, there are many myths about learning disabilities in society, and these misconceptions are frequently believed. He said it can be seen when many young children face difficulties when their academic journeys resume after summer breaks. Some find it hard to focus or complete tasks like writing or fine motor skills; others have trouble following the instructions. Parents and teachers frequently observe these difficulties, which could be signs of a learning disability. 

Basir focused on the importance of early detection and intervention, stating that ignoring such issues in childhood could lead to future difficulties in adulthood. To identify the particular issues a child may be experiencing, an accurate assessment, both non-standardized and standardized, is needed. 

Learning disabilities may have long-term effects if left untreated. Basir pointed out the importance of structured interventions, such as individualized therapy and mental exercises. Additionally, counseling sessions and meditation may be beneficial for older kids. 

The effects of learning disabilities in children can be worsened by external factors such as nuclear families and excessive screen time in today's fast-paced lifestyle. Therefore, building support networks and relationships is essential to their well-being.

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