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‘Hami 2’ had released on Christmas last year, four years after the super-hit movie ‘Hami’ was released. Hami was a super-hit film and was loved and well-accepted by the audience. Exactly why the audience was so excited about Shibaprasad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy's ‘Hami 2’ after the poster was released. The trailer gave hope to the audience and the expectations of the audience also increased.

Hami 2 however is not a sequel to Hami and a completely different story is seen in the film. The plot revolves around Laltu and Mitali. Their two sons are Chinu and Vepu. Vepu is good at studies. But Chinu is busy making planes because he loves them. Vepu gets an opportunity to be a part of a reality show and the plot of the film takes a turn from there.

Shibaprasad Mukherjee and Gargi Roychowdhury won the hearts of the audience in the roles of Laltu and Mithali. The child actors of the film are Shreyan Saha, Aritrika Chowdhury and Ritadeep Sengupta. Anjan Dutt has been seen in an important role in the film. Friendship happens to be the binding factor of the plot of this film.

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