Makeup Artist Tapas Basak Unveils the Latest Trend in Monotone Look For This Diwali

Whether it's Dhanteras or Diwali, during any puja or celebration, we always want to look fashionable and trendy in the festive season. Dress up in monotone this Diwali! Before that, understand what the monotone look is. How does this makeup complement ethnic clothing? What products are used in monotone makeup?

In today's Beauty Katha, professional makeup artist Tapas Basak imparts his expertise, offering detailed insights on enhancing your festival look. He precisely defines the concept of monotone makeup, guiding you through the process.

Light makeup has taken the beauty world by storm, with makeup enthusiasts embracing this subtle and versatile look for various occasions, from weddings and parties to festive celebrations like Pujo. Prominent makeup artist Taps Basak reveals that the allure of light-base makeup lies in its convenience, making it a top choice for individuals seeking a monotonous yet chic appearance.

Monotone makeup involves keeping the entire look in a light shade, creating a no-makeup makeup effect that's effortlessly glamorous. Even celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Kiara Ali Advani, and Parineeti Chopra have adopted this look for their weddings, showcasing its appeal beyond casual events. The key elements of monotone makeup include contouring and concealing, with a focus on subtle highlights and a blush that enhances the eyes with a delicate touch.

After achieving the perfect monotone makeup, choosing the right outfit depends on the occasion and the venue. Your hairstyle should complement the overall look seamlessly. The success of makeup lies in effective blending, allowing for the application of light brown or purple smokey eyes. To achieve this makeup look, proper skin preparation is essential, involving cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. A well-prepared canvas ensures the longevity of the makeup.

To enhance the makeup's endurance, applying primer is crucial, followed by setting the foundation with translucent powder. The next steps involve selecting the colour palette and proceeding with the contouring process. For a flawless finish, locking in the foundation with compact powder becomes imperative. Moving on to eye makeup, blending eyeshadow effectively creates a seamless look.

Basak emphasises the importance of taking time for eye preparation and ensuring the eyeshadow is well-blended. The final touch involves applying a translucent powder to set the entire makeup in place. This meticulous approach guarantees a long-lasting and stunning makeup look. So, whether you're attending a glamorous party or a casual gathering, monotone makeup paired with the right attire and hairstyle can make a lasting impression, proving that simplicity can indeed be the epitome of elegance.

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