Clinical Nutritionist Sneha Biswas Advised How Dangerous Obesity Is And How To Avoid It

Is obesity dangerous? Does having more weight mean obesity? Why does obesity happen? Can people become obese due to genetic reasons? How does obesity affect mental health? What are the ways to survive this disease? Senior Clinical Nutritionist Sneha Biswas gave advice on this topic.

Sneha Biswas has pointed out that obesity can be life-threatening, but it doesn't happen overnight. It starts with certain factors. The reasons obesity can be fatal include cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and the risk of cancer, particularly breast cancer. These conditions are life-threatening in various aspects. Initially, it begins with excessive weight gain, which later develops into obesity. There are several contributing factors to this, such as genetics, lifestyle, sedentary work for more than 8 hours, prolonged sitting in front of a computer, lack of physical activity, and so on.

Various metabolic disorders, PCOS, and thyroid issues can lead to obesity. To survive this condition, the first step is to improve your lifestyle. Certain rules must be followed in daily life. Physical exercise should be prioritized. Walking regularly is essential. Consuming fruits, water, and vegetables is a must. Not only fruit juice but whole fruits should be consumed. Uncontrolled dietary habits need to be avoided. Obesity has two grades: obesity one and two. In the first stage, there is a possibility of PCOS and thyroid issues. If it progresses to the second stage, immediate communication with a doctor is necessary.

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