How Can You Get A Perfect Winter Wedding Party Makeup Look Without Any Dewy Or Matte Makeup?

How Do You Achieve the Perfect Winter Wedding Party Makeup Look? How do you enhance your beauty for a winter wedding party? Professional makeup artist Sourav Das shares step-by-step tips for a flawless look without using dewy or matte makeup. 

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Sourav Das, a renowned makeup artist, emphasises the importance of adapting makeup routines to seasonal shifts, particularly in dealing with the challenges posed by both winter and summer.

During the winter months, when the cold weather and reduced sunlight can leave skin feeling dry and dull, Das suggests starting with a base of primer and foundation. Blending foundation seamlessly is key, ensuring a smooth and natural look. Following the application of compact, eyeshadow can be introduced, tailored to complement one's attire.

As the trend of nude makeup gains momentum, opting for soft, subtle shades becomes a viable option. Kohl, mascara, and a hint of lipstick complete the look effortlessly. However, the latest craze in makeup leans towards a dewy appearance, steering away from the matte look often favoured in winter due to its tendency to exacerbate dryness.

Weddings and festive gatherings call for a grander approach to makeup. While heavy costumes warrant a lighter touch in makeup, ensuring harmony between attire and makeup is paramount. Smokey eyes pair elegantly with nude lips, striking a balance between sophistication and subtlety.

For individuals with sensitive skin, selecting the right products takes precedence over following trends. Prioritising skincare maintenance through regular cleansing and makeup removal is essential. As Das emphasises, makeup is an art form, but preserving the health and vitality of one's skin remains the ultimate priority.

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