How Can You Keep Your Unhealthy Skin Healthy and Fresh?

What is the main reason for unhealthy skin? Following certain rules is essential to keeping your skin healthy and fresh. Actress Anindita Das provided some skincare tips. 

Anindita Das suggests adhering to simple daily routines for everyone, eliminating the need for salon visits or treatments. However, some habits can be harmful to the skin. With an abundance of skincare products flooding the market, using them without understanding can have adverse effects on the skin. Choosing skincare products wisely, understanding what your skin needs, and avoiding experimentation are crucial.

It's imperative to know your skin type. Switching products frequently and trying out new ones can be detrimental. It takes 2-3 months of regular use to see the true effects of a product. Even makeup products should be chosen wisely, considering their impact on the skin.

Smoking and alcohol consumption can severely damage the skin, often going unnoticed. Changing daily dietary habits, replacing excessive oils with vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins, and drinking 3 litres of water daily can help combat the signs of ageing.

Anindita believes in an organic lifestyle, avoiding chemical interventions as much as possible. She emphasises the importance of adequate hydration and refrains from using experimental products. Washing the face thoroughly twice a day is essential to remove dirt and prevent skin damage.

Following a consistent skincare routine, understanding your skin's needs, and making healthy lifestyle choices are crucial for achieving good skin health.

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