Candid conversation with actress Mallika Banerjee on Tolly Kotha!

Actress Mallika Banerjee is a noted face of the Bengali television industry and has appeared in hit television serials like 'Saheber Chithi', 'Sohagi Sidoor' and others. To her, appreciation from the audience is the reward that she works for. She is mostly seen in negative roles and appreciates when she is criticized for those character portrayals; she says, it makes her feel that she has performed well as an actress when audience criticise her for her negative character portrayal.

She has always been a fighter and has fought the bad phases of her life hard, be it her father’s illness or the trauma of a failed relationship, with all her energy and every time she has come out victorious. She refuses to give up and that’s the push behind her success and fame. Popular face of the Bengali television industry Mallika Banerjee recently interacted with Jiyo Bangla on its exclusive segment ‘Tolly Kotha’ and shared her story.

Catch actress Mallika Banerjee talk about her career abd personal life exclusively on Jiyo Bangla! 

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