Namrata Mitra Gave Tips On How Men Can Style Themselves Every Day With The Latest Trend

Women's fashion is trending as much as men's fashion, and daily trends in men's fashion continue to evolve. How should men's daily fashion transition from casual to formal, and what are the seven style rules to follow for a stylish look? Additionally, what is the latest trend in boys' fashion, and how can one choose the right accessories? Namrata Mitra, an artist and style consultant, shared details on men's fashion.

According to Namrata, fashion isn't just about donning attire but expressing oneself with a style that exudes confidence. Walking alone amid the crowd becomes a choice, fueled by the graceful exterior and inherent positivity of your fashion choices.

Style transcends a mere show-off; it embodies elegance. Whether it's your home attire or stepping out for work or social gatherings, comfort remains key. Cargo pants paired with a half-shirt, a round-collar tee with jeans, or a loose summer jacket can effortlessly merge style and ease.

Choosing attire based on weight and height is crucial. Let your clothing speak the language of your body, adjusting the dressing pattern to your unique physique. The dressing pattern evolves with body changes, respecting the individual's physical language.

The essence lies not in showcasing attire for others but in finding comfort and presenting oneself positively. Tailoring fittings to one's body shape is an art. For those with a well-proportioned physique, tight fittings are an option, but for those with a bit of obesity, a tight fit might not be the best choice.

Accessories play a pivotal role in completing the ensemble. For men, essentials like watches, glasses, belts, shoes, and socks should be perfect companions. Personalizing these adds the finishing touch. Special occasions warrant a desire to look exceptional, but succumbing to the pressure of 'looking good' can affect self-confidence.

The fusion of Indo-Western styles with a contemporary touch is well-received. Experimentation with cuts and styles undergoes scrutiny, and the balance between tradition and modernity is admired.

In the grand celebration of weddings, everyone desires a special appearance. However, the pressure to 'look good' should not compromise self-esteem. Indulge in a mix of traditional and contemporary styles, and let your attire undergo the scrutiny of self-confidence rather than societal expectations.

In this intricate dance of fashion, where every garment narrates a story, let your style speak volumes in the language of elegance and self-assurance.

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