You can expect a lifetime performance from Jisshu: Srijit

According to filmmaker Srijit Mukherji, Jisshu Sengupta has performed well in the director’s upcoming movie “Ek Je chhilo Raja”. Attending a live session on social media, Srijit said “Jisshu has been exceptional and phenomenal in the film. I am really happy.”

The “Uma’ director stated that “Working with Jisshu is very easy. He understands the role and tries to portray it without any hassle. I love that fact. Must say he is easy going and very co-operative.”

‘Ek Je Chhilo Raja’ is a courtroom drama inspired from the Bhawal case, where a possible imposter claiming to be the second prince of the estate, returns a decade after being presumed dead. Jisshu even stated that in ‘Zulfiqar’ the ensemble cast didn’t hide his acting brilliance. He also thanked the renowned director to offer him such important roles in ‘Uma’ and ‘Ek Je Chhilo Raja’.

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