Wonder where to visit this weekend? Let it be Henry Island!

We are aware of the beach in Bakkhali but how many of us know about Henry Island? The offbeat beach is excellent for a calm and quite weekend trip. Henry Island is located on the boundary of the Western Sundarbans. Miles of serene water, the clear sky above and the white sand, which is a speciality of Henry Island, drives you away to paradise once you visit the beach. Just 130 kms from Kolkata and a recently discovered tourist spot; Henry Island is where heaven meets Earth.

How to go: Henry Island can be travelled to by road as well as train. There are buses available from Esplanade. Trains are even available from Howrah as well as Shealdah. Trains will take you till Namkhana and then you need to take a van to Henry Island. You can even drive yourself to Henry Island.

Food and lodging: There are a number of hotels and resorts of various budgets where you can stay. Food is available in these places as per order.

What to see: There is a small wildlife sanctuary which is near Henry Island and has deer and crocodiles. Other than that, the beach and the white sand are the main attractions for Henry Island.

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