Why we live for the taste

If Bengalis swear by their fish cooked in mustard oil and Biharis cannot make their bajkas or chokha and jhalmuri without it, there is a deeper reason behind it than the tangy taste of mustard oil.

While growing up, everyone develops their own taste memory and taste profile. What makes food tasty for anyone is a complex interaction of taste memory and profile. This is completely individual - what is good for one may not be good for another person. Give a person a dish which has a strong presence of 2 or 3 elements of what their mothers used to feed them in childhood, and the person will find it tasty - even if they are eating it for the first time!

Mustard oil is Eastern India’s olive oil. It is not just used as a cooking medium but it also serves the purpose of salad oil, hair oil, face and body oil, baby massage oil and even ear wax cleaner (though doctors do not recommend it.)

From the initial stages of human civilization, oils have played a pivotal role in humans’ daily lives and this is the very reason why oil’s demand has been rising at a steady rate among all communities. Organic and Mineral, both types of oil has been used for making several items such as cosmetics, and paints; often considered in some religion to be a purifying element, for making fuel and lubricant and most importantly, for cooking food from the Organic oils regularly.

As human started to live in a community, the need for cooking oils resulted in many organizations to make cooking oil available to the masses. Organic oils, derived from plants and edible vegetables or animal fat has been widely used by all. These cooking oils are used for frying several foods, adding flavor or even modifying the texture. Cooking oils such as Mustard Oil, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower oils have been quite popular in the kitchen for a while now.


Mustard Oil is a familiar name in North Indian household with the majority of foods like Paneer Tikka, Kashmiri Dum Aloo, Lithhi-Chokha, different types of Pickles and fries being made with it. Sunflower oils are used for deep frying and baked dishes, while Soyabean oil has been used in Chinese dishes. These oils are very useful for making tasty and healthy foods to savor one’s appetite.

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