Why Sour is Sweet

Summer is here and it brings along mixed emotions. We may dislike the hot and humid weather but we love the things that are available only in summer and among them the most loved things are mangoes. Be it raw or ripe, it can be said that mangoes are loved by all and it’s the favorite part of summer.

Sweet ripe mangoes are fruits from heaven but what about raw mangoes?

They take us back to our childhood. Coming back home after school and having a glass of “aam Panna” used to take away all the tiredness. On a hot summer afternoon, raw mangoes sprinkled with some salt and chilly powder. The sweet and sour taste is just like our life sometimes sweet and sometimes sour.

mango-2 (1)

With time our kitchen and palate have also evolved now raw mangoes are not only eaten raw, as a pickle or as sherbet, but they are also incorporated in many dishes including with chicken and fish.

Apart from being really tasty, it has many health benefits as well. it protects us from the adverse effects of summer temperature. Mango sprinkled with salt helps in preventing excessive loss of water from the body. Its juice also helps in stopping excessive loss of sodium chloride.

mango-1 (1)

We wait for mangoes eagerly for a year, so, when their season comes, savor them as much as you can. Have them ripe or raw however you wish because they are the other name for happiness.

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