Why is there No Father In Kasmir?

Writer-director Ashvin Kumar draws the audience into the story of Kashmir through a coming-of-age teenage love story. The story of Kashmir has been told multiple times, but the director crafted the story with lots of truth. For the first time, the story will be depicted through the eyes of two millennials who experience their first love and heartbreak while searching for the truth about the disappearance of their fathers.

The press conference was graced by the director, renowned fashion designer Ritu Kumar, the producer, and Soni Razdan. Noor’s grandparents, played by Soni Razdan and Kulbhushan Kharbanda. The Director Ashvin neatly juxtaposes the beauty of the Valley and Noor’s joy and fear when her reality clashes with her dream-world.

Speaking with Jiyo Bangla, the director Ashvin said,

I wanted to make a film which will ask some serious question. Surely it revolves around a silent war between India and Pakistan, which claimed over 100,000 olives, four times that of Israel and Palestine. But the movie will have romance and the filmy style.

No father in Kashmir works on a premise that forgiveness and hope are vital to for human race. The story surely will give a taste of love, betrayal, friendship, and loss. When we asked Soni Razdan about her preparation for her role. She smiled and said, “This is a realistic movie. It is not extravagant one but the moment I read the script it caught my attention. Loved the story and I am sure you will love it too.

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