Water reservoir developed for eco-friendly Chhath Puja

The Chhath Puja celebration by the devotees of Kolkata and other major cities poses a great threat to the environment, as a result of water pollution. Nevertheless, it is a beloved festival of a huge community and thus, can’t be ignored. Therefore, the government has taken steps to perform eco-friendly Chhath Puja by the devotees.

Last year, an unfortunate incident took place when all the devotees of Chhath Puja gathered at the Rabindra Sarovar Lake to perform their Chhath Puja rituals. The 73 acre water body was subject to immense pollution. Hence, this year, the Kolkata municipal corporation has planned beforehand and has created a temporary reservoir at Ballygunj, South Kolkata.

In an interview with Debasish Kumar, a member of KMC or Kolkata Municipal Corporation, he says that he had planned this execution meticulously, so that both the sides are balanced. He has kept in check that the devotees are satisfied with their rituals, as well as, the water bodies remain safe. “We have decided to lock the 15 gates of the Rabindra Sarovar Lake during the two days of Puja”, says Kumar. It can thus be hoped that this year, Chhath Puja will be eco-friendly.


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