Want your arms to look like this? Here’s what you need to do!

When we talk about working out or serious lifts, the go-to body part which every gym bros obsess about, are massive “guns”!! (arms…we mean…you dirty minded person!)


How often did our fellow gym bros…loose their calm…in the opening scene of the movie “Commando”, when the OG of bodybuilding Arnold Schwarzenegger, lifts a ginormous tree trunk all by himself. And then it happens, the camera focuses on his “guns”, that’s the moment when most of us ran to our nearest gyms, for a membership!

Then after putting the first leg down, we put our ourselves through gruelling workouts! strict diets and what not…Initially we are happy…But then it happens! We hit a plateau, and slowly lifting that trunk with our enormous “guns”, becomes a distant dream!

But fret not…you can still do it! (At least that’s what Arnold says!)


Here are certain tips from the man himself, to make you look like the “Predator”!

  • Don’t torture yourself!

Let’s get one thing straight! Arms are small muscle groups…they don’t need constant hammering with high reps and heavy sets, like your lats or chest! Go easy, with weights and sets!

Make sure you are contracting or squeezing your muscles hard enough, with moderate sets (usually 3-4 sets) and another thing, its not always mandatory to use heavy weights all the time!

I know its hard to gulp in, but Dwayne Johnson is a huge follower of this training principle, and surely you know how that man looks!


  • Compounds are the Key!

Whenever we talk about bicep or triceps workouts, people usually go for single joint or isolation movements.

But it’s the compound movements, who can be a great friend to you in this case.


Through research, its found out that multiple joint movements or compound movements, helps in the release of more testosterone, growth hormone and IGF-1, all this collectively promote growth, not only in arms but also the entire body!

  • Isolate the peak!


Isolation movements like preacher curls and concentration curls help you with the peak of the bicep muscle, while triceps extension and dumbbell tricep kick-backs help with the growth of the outer head. Usually working on these aspects can create the illusion of your arms looking big and aesthetic.

  • Relax

One big mistake that lifters do is, they get to hyped up about bulging arms and as a result they hammer their arms regularly!


Stop it!! It doesn’t work that way!

Give your body the rest it deserves! After an intense workout you should give your body a minimum of 24-48 hrs of rest! That’s the way it heals and recovers, and eventually grows

  • Focus on Macros!

We kept the most obvious point for the end. In order for all around muscle hypertrophy, you need to focus on your macros, keeping it about 500 calories surplus to your maintenance. That does not mean you can fill it with all kinds of trash, focus mostly on clean foods.


Not only its going to be helpful for your arms, but for your entire physique.

So when you are done reading this, don’t waste anymore time. Go hit the gym right away !! and make em guns GROOOOW!


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