Wandmaker in the muggle world

J.K Rowling’s fantasy world Harry Potter has stayed with the kids and adults across the world even after it has definitely come to an end with no hopes of a sequel. One of the most important and intricate thing in the magic world is the wand. Wandmaker Ollivander has said in the first movie ‘The wand chooses the wizard’. The wands of the wizards and witches were maintained by the Celtic calendar. Harry, who was born in July, owned a wand made out of Holly since July falls in the Holly cycle.

Megha Thapa, 23, is a wandmaker from Kurseong, Darjeeling in the muggle world. Her passion lies in photography, arts, and crafts. A true Potterhead, Thapa got engrossed in the history and imagination that goes behind making wands. “I came across a Wiki page relating owners and their wands to the Celtic Tree calendar,” she says. “Hermoine Granger whose birthday is on September 19, has a wand made of the vine while Ron who was born in March has a wand made of ash wood, all in accordance to their birthday months in the Celtic calendar. Every Potterhead should look up such sites, there are many such mind-boggling facts all over the internet,” she elaborated.

Growing up, Thapa was impressed and loved craft shows like MAD, Art attack and many others. A student of Himali Boarding school, Megha used to build titbits with her imagination during her free hours. Now she is known as a professional wandmaker- making wands of all the characters of the Harry Potter series as well as personalized ones. Her clients are generally Potterhead millennials aged around 13-20 that are sent out as cosplay merch, gifts, and collectibles. She now has her own website and ventures ‘wandsbymeghamax’ which has put her in a stable monetary place and is helping her to achieve her dreams of photography.

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