VANDE BHARAT EXPRESS NEW RULES: Vande Bharat Express Took Decision To Reduce Water Wastage! Know More

To enhance passenger comfort and minimize water wastage, the Vande Bharat Express has implemented innovative measures. Currently, each passenger is provided with a 500-ml rail-packaged drinking water bottle, effectively reducing the consumption of water resources onboard. Additionally, with a focus on the summer season, Indian Railways has initiated this step.

In collaboration with Indian Railways' decision, Northeast Frontier Railway, responsible for the northeastern border region, has decided to provide 500 ml rail-packaged drinking water bottles for all passengers traveling on Vande Bharat trains. 

It has been noted that a single bottle will not be provided for the entire journey. However, if needed based on passengers' demands, an additional 500-ml water bottle will be provided without any extra charge.

Most passengers booking tickets for the Vande Bharat trains opt for short-distance journeys. Therefore, the majority of the time, the provision of 500-ml water bottles will be adequate, ensuring convenience for passengers traveling short distances.

The Vande Bharat Express commenced its service in 2019, offering passengers numerous amenities, including the enjoyment of scenic natural views during the journey and ample space for luggage. 

With the introduction of 500-ml packaged drinking water bottles, the railway aims to further enhance the travel experience for passengers, especially those traveling in the northeastern states and other parts of the country. This initiative is expected to not only improve onboard facilities but also contribute to the conservation of water resources.

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