UTS App At Indian Railways: Passengers Can Now Book Unreserved Tickets Through The Mobile App

Indian Railways has introduced a new feature allowing passengers to book unreserved tickets through the UTS mobile app. Furthermore, this app now facilitates the purchase of tickets for journeys originating from halt stations, providing commuters with added convenience. This initiative has been rolled out initially across 52 halt stations in the Sealdah Division, marking a significant leap forward in passenger services.

Passengers can now effortlessly book tickets via their mobile phones using the same process as for regular stations, from the designated distance within station premises. This innovation aims to streamline the ticketing process and enhance the overall travel experience for railway passengers.

Senior Divisional Manager of Sealdah, Shantanu Chakraborty, highlighted the rationale behind this service, citing the need to extend such facilities to halt stations where passenger footfall was previously lower. Additionally, efforts are underway to optimize ticketing operations by deploying more ATVM machines at booking counters. Moreover, in response to staffing challenges, private personnel will also be engaged to ensure seamless service delivery.

To provide relief amid the sweltering heat, approximately thirty thousand BLDC fans are being installed across the Howrah and Sealdah divisions. Already, nearly seventy thousand fans have been deployed in Howrah, with around twelve thousand installed in Sealdah.

However, it has been reported that these fans may experience regulator-related issues, prompting plans for remote controller installation. Engineering departments have confirmed ongoing installation work across stations, rest areas, concourses, and booking counters, with completion expected in the coming days.

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