'Uron Tubri' Star Sohini Banerjee Tying The Knot In January, With A Decade-Long Love Story Unveiled

From Tolly Industry to Telly Industry, one wedding after another is making headlines, with stars like Sandipta Sen, Sreejita Roy, Parambrata, and Sourav joining the matrimonial bandwagon.

Now, adding to the list is Sohini Banerjee, the charming actress from the popular TV serial 'Uron Tubri'.

The actress recently shared a delightful moment of 'aiburobhaat' getting from her best friend and co-star, Swastik Ghosh.

While the wedding date is set for January 27, the groom, Joysurjo Gupta, remains a bit of a mystery to those outside the acting fraternity. Unlike his soon-to-be bride, Joysurjo is not a known face in the world of entertainment. Having been in love since their school days, the couple is taking their decade-long relationship to the next level.

Sohini, sharing insights into her upcoming nuptials, revealed that the wedding ceremony would feature a traditional Bengali look with red Benarasi attire and golden jewelry. However, it remains uncertain whether the groom will don the quintessential Punjabi attire.

Post-wedding plans include a two-day celebration in Benaras, featuring a special winter wedding menu. Sohini expressed excitement about her post-wedding escapade, planning to spend a year abroad with her husband, exploring Switzerland, before returning to Kolkata to resume her acting career.

After a brief hiatus following the 'UronTubri' serial, Sohini is ready to return to the acting world. Recovering from a shoulder injury, she took a break to recharge, and now, after tying the knot, she will be back in Tollypara.

For now, the buzz surrounds the upcoming wedding, with fans eagerly awaiting glimpses of the star-studded event on January 27. Sohini Banerjee's journey from 'Udorn Tubri' to matrimonial bliss is undoubtedly a tale of reel to real romance.

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