Unicorn: Reality or Hallucination?

A normal housewife, who when in stress teleports to different places in the world! You must be thinking how could that be possible? Well, that is the theme of Tathagata Mukherjee’s new movie ‘Unicorn’. The cast of the film along with the director and producer launched the movie’s trailer on 13th September.


Tathagata Mukherjee, Debleena Dutt Mukherjee, Chiranjeet Chakraborty, Rana Basu Thakur, Prateek Chakrabarty, and others graced the event too. The trailer opens with Apala, a housewife who has an immense wanderlust describing how she wanders off to a different place whenever there is a pressure from her family and other walks of life. She comes to Digambar (Chiranjeet Chakraborty), a relative psychiatrist to find answers to these strange happenings. But Digambar says that these are all hallucinations.

The trailer has surely intrigued our interest but what’s more interesting than that? The movie has used one of William Wordsworth’s creation as a song, which is the ‘Solitary Reaper’.

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