UK‘s savoury snack celebration: “National samosa week”

Can you imagine UK celebrating their first ever ‘National samosa week’ next month? From 9th April to 13th April 2018, UK will be celebrating Bengali’s favourite snack i.e. samosa. This is one of the most delicious tea time snacks that almost all Bengalis swear by. The motive behind arranging such a creative thought is to draw the attention of the rich ethos and the food heritage of South Asia on the whole.

These tasty triangular treats have now made their way to various parts of the world. It is said that Delhi offers the most satisfying samosa but Kolkata is not far behind. The organizers feel that these events are important because it encourages a lot of people to come out with their ingenious thoughts on making samosas. Many people have come up with countless recipe options too.

Do you know the prize for winning the ‘National samosa week’? Winners will get tickets for Leicester Curry Awards 2018 that is to be held in Leicester on 22nd April 2018.

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