TRP List of Bengali Serials Of The Week Unveiled! Who Reaches The Top?

The weekly TRP list for Bengali television serials has just been revealed, and fans of serial dramas have their eyes glued to the rankings. Every week, there's anticipation around which show will take the top spot, and the competition between Bengali TV channels, especially between Zee Bangla and Star Jalsha, is heating up. The battle for supremacy is evident, with each show vying for the coveted top position. But amidst this fierce competition, some serials are facing a decline in viewership due to various factors, including elections and the IPL. However, despite these challenges, certain shows continue to shine, keeping viewers hooked week after week.

TRP Of Bengali Serials This Week

TRP Of Bengali Serials This Week

This week's TRP rankings bring a mix of surprises and expected results. Despite facing tough competition, "Neem Fuler Modhu" and "Phulki" have clinched the top spot with a rating of 7.7. Following closely behind is Zee Bangla's "Jagadhatri" at 7.2, securing the second position. In third place is "Kon Gopone Mon Bheseche" with a rating of 6.9, while Star Jalsha's "Geeta LLB" takes the fourth spot with a rating of 6.3. Rounding off the top five is "Kotha," with a rating of 6.0.

The intense drama and captivating storylines of these serials have kept audiences engaged and eager for more. Fans are already speculating about which serials will dominate the charts in the coming weeks. The battle for supremacy continues, and viewers can't wait to see which shows emerge victorious.

Here's a glimpse of the top 10 serials of the week according to TRP ratings:

  • Neem Fuler Modhu & Phulki - 7.7 (First)
  • Jagadhatri- 7.2 (Second)
  • Kon Gopone Mon Bheseche - 6.9 (Third)
  • Geeta LLB - 6.3 (Fourth)
  • Kotha - 6.0 (Fifth)
  • Jol Thoi Thoi Bhalobasha - 5.1 (Sixth)
  • Bodhua - 5.0 (Seventh)
  • Anurager Chhoya and Alor Kole - 4.8 (Eighth)
  • Ashtami - 4.6 (Ninth)
  • Kar Kache Koi Moner Kotha - 4.2 (Tenth)

As viewers eagerly await next week's rankings, the competition among serials continues to intensify, promising more entertainment and drama in the days to come.

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