Trial Run For Beleghata-Ruby Metro Route To Begin From Upcoming Saturday

The long-awaited trial run for the Beleghata to Ruby metro route is finally set to kick off on Saturday, starting April 27th. This trial run marks a significant step towards extending metro services between these two pivotal locations in Kolkata.

Initiated nearly a month ago, the New Garia to Ruby stretch of the metro has been operational, albeit with limited passenger traffic. Now, the authorities have decided to extend services up to Beleghata, aiming to enhance connectivity and ease commuting for residents along the route.

According to reports, safety inspections along the newly extended route have already been conducted by railway officials, ensuring that all necessary precautions are in place before the trial run commences. Additionally, adjustments have been made to optimise train schedules, anticipating an increase in passenger footfall once services extend to Beleghata.

Covering a distance of approximately 30 kilometres, this metro extension promises to streamline travel for commuters, offering a faster and more convenient alternative to traditional modes of transportation. With five metro stations slated to be operational along this route, including prominent stops like VIP Bazar, Ritwik Ghatak, Barun Sengupta, which is Science City, and lastly, Beleghata, residents can expect improved accessibility to key areas across Kolkata.

As the city prepares for this milestone in its public transportation network, anticipation is high among residents eager to experience the convenience and efficiency of the extended metro services.

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