Tollywood Actress Puja Ganguly Got Married, But Who Is The Groom?

As the month of Baishakh unfolds, wedding bells echo once again in Tollywood. The season of matrimony seems to have ensnared yet another star, actress Puja Ganguly, who has taken the step towards marital bliss by doing registry marriages. Scheduled for a social wedding in February next year, the actress has embarked on a new journey in her life.

Puja, known for her roles in the popular Bengali TV serial "Jiban Sathi" on Zed Bangla, has been a familiar face on the small screen. With several successful TV projects under her belt, she has recently wrapped up shooting for a new movie entirely shot in Poland, with two more films awaiting release. However, she has temporarily shifted her focus from the silver screen to personal commitments.

The groom-to-be is none other than actor Riddhiban Banerjee, who recently starred in Srijit Mukherji's film "Tekka." The couple's relationship blossomed from a longstanding friendship into love, culminating in the decision to tie the knot through a registered marriage.

According to Puja, it was after Riddhiban's proposal that she realised the seriousness of their relationship and decided to take it forward through marriage. Visiting Riddhiban's home, Puja's parents also acknowledged the sincerity of their bond, leading to the families and close friends approving their union.

The registration ceremony, held recently, witnessed a jovial exchange of vows between the couple in the presence of their dear ones. Actress Misti Singh, a friend of the bride, graced the occasion with her presence.

Though the formal wedding is still months away, preparations are already in full swing. Despite her busy schedule as an actress, Puja Ganguly is ecstatic and eagerly anticipating this new chapter in her life. As the countdown to February begins, fans eagerly await glimpses of the grand celebration while the couple prepares to embark on their journey of marital bliss.

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