Tolly Stars Adrit And Kaushambi Marriage: Bengali Newlyweds Couple Adrit-Kaushambi Tied The Knot On Thursday

After much anticipation, the wedding bells have finally rung again in Tollywood. Following in the footsteps of Rupanjana and Ratul, actors Adrit Roy and Kaushambi Chakraborty have now joined the ranks of wedded bliss. On Thursday, the grand union of this celebrity couple set a picturesque scene at a venue in Howrah. 

Social media platforms were abuzz as snapshots of the bride and groom surfaced from their pre-wedding rituals. On Aiburobhaat, they were adorned in traditional attire, with garlands around their necks and smiles adorning their faces.

Adrit and Kaushambi's pictures quickly went viral, capturing the hearts of netizens. 

The morning of the wedding day, or as it's known in Bengali tradition, "Gayeholud," saw the couple decked in vibrant hues of yellow. Adrit donned a dhoti and 'Topor' on his forehead, while Kaushambi looked resplendent in her saree, adorned with floral ornaments. 

As the evening descended, the newlyweds' official wedding portraits emerged, showcasing Kaushambi in a stunning red Benarasi saree paired with gold jewellery, epitomising Bengali bridal elegance. Adrit complemented her attire with a traditional Dhuti and a yellow Punjabi.

Throughout their courtship, the couple remained tight-lipped about their relationship, keeping it away from the public eye. However, last year, Kaushambi shared a candid picture of the duo, hinting at their togetherness, which sparked speculation among fans. The news of their wedding broke last month, sending ripples of excitement across Tollywood.

Recently, Adrit, who was busy shooting for his upcoming film "Pagol Premi," has wrapped up filming, while Kaushambi has been spotted on the sets of Zee Bangla's "Phulki." Both actors have taken time off for their wedding celebrations, culminating in their reception party scheduled for May 11.

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