To My Love... Nolen Gur

“The lark’s on the wing,
The snail’s on the thorn,
God’s in His Heaven,
All’s right with the world!”

Yes darlings! That’s exactly how I feel at the moment. The angels are singing, the golden days are here again. Kolkata was about to forget a season called winter, when winter decided to pay a surprise visit. This year the mercury has dipped so low that it has spawned countless Facebook and Whatsapp posts; meme creators have been on an overdrive.

Granted that like every other thing in the world, winter also comes with its share of negatives. But dearies, think of Nolen Gur, if not anything else - that heavenly taste, that satin sweet feeling on your tongue, that divine aroma, I could go on and on.  

To the uninitiated, Nolen Gur is the name given by the Bengalis to a special kind of jaggery made from the sugary sap of the date palm tree. All you out there, who haven’t tasted sweets made of Nolen Gur, must visit our Kolkata in the month of January. If you ignore my invitation, you do so at your own peril. I visited a Pithe Puli Utsab (A Festival of traditional sweets made of jaggery, powdered rice, milk etc.) a couple of days back and the unique taste of the Nolen gur pithes and pulis are still clinging to my tastebuds. The everyday sweets like rosogollas and sandeshes taste so different when prepared with Nolen Gur. Even if you don’t have the proverbial sweet tooth, you will find it hard to resist Nolen Gur sweets.

So long friends! Another Pithe-Puli Utsab beckons. If you are in some other city, keep yourself free next January for a date with our unique desserts. Your tastebuds will jump around with joy and you will wish your full meal consisted of them.

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