‘To live big, one must dream big too’- Malobika

A few years back at an award function, renowned filmmaker Subhash Ghai met a Bengali beauty and told her, “You’re a star. You have that spark in you.” The pretty, sassy and courageous girl was none other than Malobika Banerjee. This Bengali beauty yet again made the headline this week. She has launched her Hindi music video titled ‘Pagalpan’. Not to mention her music video has created the right kind of buzz in town. The pretty actress made her mark in Kokhono Biday Bolo Na (2010), Sada Canvas (2014), Kathmundu and Professional (both in 2015), Mister Bhaduri and Chorabali (both in 2016) and Tope (2017).

Jiyo Bangla was in conversation with this actress turned singer. 

Congratulation for huge success!

Malobika Banerjee (MJ) - Thank you. It’s really great when things turn up the way, you want them to turn. I am happy with Pagalpan not to mention the audience was super supportive. 

Was it your idea behind this whole project? 

MJ- Sort of! I was hanging out with my friend and all of a sudden I said, “Yeh tera jo pagalpan hain, mujhko kahi pagal na karde.” The moment he heard this he told me, why I don’t finish this song. Well, that’s how Pagalpan was created. Not to mention this is a nasal song, more of a 60’s tune.

What’s your goal in life?

MJ- First and foremost, I want to make my parents proud. Then I want to make the people who love me proud, and finally after that, I will be happy. That’s all I want and I hope will achieve it someday soon. Well, to live big, one must dream big!

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