Thunderstorm Alert: 45 Lightning Strikes In Kolkata City Within Three Hours, Says Alipore Weather Office

On Monday evening, the entire city of Kolkata was engulfed in a tumultuous thunderstorm accompanied by lightning strikes. The Alipore weather office reported a staggering 45 lightning strikes within the city. While the thunderstorm wreaked havoc, there have been no reports of casualties until Tuesday night. However, concerns arise about the potential increase in lightning-related incidents this year. Will the mortality statistics surpass previous years? Many questions linger regarding this matter.

People have raised concerns, noting a significant rise in lightning-related fatalities in the state between 2019 and 2020, reaching nearly 99%. Even in 2023, Bengal saw 28 deaths due to lightning strikes, with Kolkata not exempt from such incidents. In response to the imminent threat of lightning strikes, the police administration is urged to take the necessary precautions. Allegations arise regarding inadequate measures, as no concrete strategies are in place to forecast lightning strikes accurately.

Previously, an international organization collaborated to install lightning sensors several years ago. However, it's observed that often news of lightning strikes arrives merely ten minutes before the event, rendering preventive actions ineffective.

Habibur Rahman, the head of the Alipore weather office, warned of heavy rainfall with thunderclouds on Monday and Tuesday, reminiscent of the pre-monsoon season. Therefore, the risk of lightning strikes remains imminent. Moreover, the weather office advises residents to evacuate tall buildings, balconies, or areas near trees during such weather conditions. Seeking shelter under sturdy roofs is recommended, along with avoiding metal objects and wet surfaces, to minimize the risk of electrocution.

Furthermore, it's emphasized to refrain from using mobile phones or any electronic devices while standing on rooftops during rainfall. If caught outdoors during lightning strikes, it's crucial to crouch low to the ground, minimizing contact with any objects taller than oneself.

In cases of lightning strike injuries, immediate medical attention is advised, and individuals are urged to seek prompt hospitalization, as stated by Lalbazar authorities. As the city braces for more thunderstorms, vigilance and adherence to safety protocols are paramount to mitigating potential risks associated with lightning strikes.

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