Through a child’s eyes

Short film director Arijit Mukherjee is all set to showcase his latest creation at several film festival. His short film ‘Rony’ has a unique approach to it. It is a short film for children. Very few movies are made that reflect a child’s perspective, how they see the world. Rony is one such movie among them. We, adults, do not exactly understand the psychology of children, not even the parents; Arijit’s movie aims in finding a solution to this. Though the director is a little skeptic about the commercial reach of the movie, hence, he plans to release it on his official channel first and send it to various short film festivals. On his experience of working with the children Arijit shares that children are a more perceptive and fast learner. They do not ask too many questions and their reactions are more honest. The movie deals with family bonding, and its importance and several other situations through which every child has to go through.

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